Our Story

Our Story

The story of Capstone Global began in December 2015, with a lunch meeting between two investment professionals whose combined strengths would help them pursue their mutual goals.

Introduced by a mutual friend, Chad Deakins, an investment manager with 18 years of experience who was struggling against the limits of his firm’s corporate culture, met with Malon Courts, President and CEO of Atlantic Investment Company, a family-owned firm with a long history of integrity and stability.

It became immediately apparent that Atlantic’s resources and culture would be the perfect springboard for Chad’s innovative investment strategies, so the two agreed to join together in a partnership. Both partners have significant investments in the strategies managed by Capstone, and have a continued stake in the firm’s long-term success.

Together, the partners of Capstone have established a unique and disciplined investment strategy, focused specifically on high-quality small capitalization investments. Their proprietary process manages every step of the investment journey, from initial selection to quantifying value and fundamentals, to ongoing management of diversified portfolios.

In addition to their focus on providing customers with the strategies to deliver long-term value, Chad and Malon have also built a sustainable culture built on transparency, fairness, focus, and balanced lifestyle, which has attracted a staff of energetic, dedicated professionals who provide support and service for our customers.